step-up career coaching success stories

I’ve been with the same financial service organization for 20 years. My title was Vice President. I didn’t want to leave the company (I liked working there) but I did want the title Senior Vice President. Marcia Glatman career coached me and together we came up with plan that I was able to implement. My business card now reads Senior Vice President.


I have been with the same company for 15 years. I liked the company and the job, but I didn’t feel challenged. I was offered a promotion, but the role was based in Switzerland. There were numerous reasons for me to decline the offer. After speaking with Marcia Glatman, my thinking changed. I accepted the role in Switzerland and am having the time of my life. Not only was I promoted, but being an ex-pat is an eye opener and offers a new set of challenges.


I applied for a promotional opportunity at my company and lost out to an external candidate. After several discussions with Marcia Glatman, I realized I was perceived a certain way at my company and it would be difficult to change that perception. If I wanted to reach that next level, I would need to change organizations where I was the external candidate with the expertise.


Step-Up Career Coaching provided further refinement on who I am, what I want, where am I going.

I took early retirement from a large telecom company and was looking to replicate my role with another large company, ideally at the next level up. Marcia Glatman asked me several thought proving questions and I realized what was really exciting me was the idea of starting a business. Marcia encouraged me to put together a business plan, identify my target audience and develop marketing tools. Being an entrepreneur has its own set of challenges but, for the first time in a long time, I am passionate about what I am doing.